The History of Scouting in Swampscott

Scouting in Swampscott has also been going on for a long time. Much of the history is lost to the ages but below is a little bit of what is known of the scouts, packs, troops, councils and volunteers of Swampscott.

Eagle Scouts The following Swampscott Boy Scouts have earned the rank of Eagle: 

1946 K. Robinson          
1949 C. Ward          
1955 D. Cahill J. DeVeney        
1975 J. George          
1977 D. O'Connor          
1980 J. O'Connor M. Barrett A. Woods      
1981 K. Callahan          
1982 A. Dunphy K. Callahan Jr.        
1983 D. O'Connor J. Lancy V. Gifford T. Nevils    
1986 J. Austin J. Pedro M. Eliopoulos T. Rogers D. Atkins P. Callahan
1988  C. Willey          
1989 E. Austin W. Rogers M. Cobbett      
1990 M. Barrett T. Burke J. Souppa M. Antoniello    
1991 M. Hallion D. Cahill        
1992 K. Ruggiero R. Levy        
1994 R. Trapasso Jr.          
1996 D. Trapasso          
1999 L. Walkey          
2000 J. Braid C. Ulen R. Thibodeau      
2001 A. Kowal W. Stone J. Philbrook      
2003 A. Brandt S. Gadman Jr.        
2004 M. Havlicek          
2005 B. Withrow          
2006 C. Genest A. Nieman K. Barden K. Yaeger    
2007 J. Savasta D. LaVoie E. Webber      
2008 D. Brooks C. Lam R. Page A. Withrow    
2009 F. Gorovodsky J. Duffy        
2010 S. Page M. Goldstein W. Travascio A. Shiloh    
2011 M. Magee          
2013 M. Norcott          
2014 R. McLaughlin          
2015 L. O'Brien C. Page II        
2017 L. Purcell I. Kadurov E. Davis L. O'Brien    
2019 D. Page          
2020 S. Whipple A. Pulaski        

Awards & Milestones Accomplishments of scouts, scouters, packs and troops:

1979 Troop 53 - 50 Miler Afloat
1979 Troop 53 - 1st Place Overall at Quapar District Klondike Derby
1980 Troop 53 - 3rd Place Commissioner's Rally at Quapar District Spring Camporee
1981 Troop 53 - 2nd Place Sled Race at Quapar District Klondike Derby  
2004 Troop 53 - 3rd Place Overall at Aquila District Klondike Derby
2005 Troop 53 - 1st Place Overall at Aquila District Klondike Derby
2009 Troop 53 - 1st Place Scavanger Hunt at Wah-Tut-Ca Week 2
2010 Troop 53 - 1st Place Overall at Aquila District Klondike Derby
2013 Troop 53 - 3rd Place Overall Great Eastern District Klondike Derby

2014 Troop 53 - 2nd Place Overall West Wind District Fall Camporee  
2015 Troop 53 - 3rd Place Overall Great Eastern District Klondike Derby
2015 Troop 53 - Week 2 Wah-Tut-Cup champions 
2021 Troop 53 - Camp Yawgoog Honor Troop Award 

Councils Swampscott packs and troops have been with the following councils: 

Spirit of Adventure Council   2015-present
Yankee Clipper Council   1993-2015

North Bay Council          1966-1992

Bay Shore Council          ????-1966

Troop 53 is a member of the Spirit of Adventure council.  The council was formed by the merger of the Yankee Clipper Council and the Boston Minutemen Council on July 1, 2015.  The troop was a member of the Yankee Clipper Council from 1993-2015. The Yankee Clipper Council was formed on January 1, 1993 from a merger of the North Essex Council (Lawrence, Massachusetts 1925-1993), the North Bay Council (Danvers, Massachusetts 1966-1993) and the Lone Tree Council (Haverhill, Massachusetts 1926-1993). In January 2000 the Greater Lowell Council merged into the Yankee Clipper Council as well.

From 1966 to 1992, Troop 53 and the other Swampscott troops were members of the North Bay Council. The North Bay Council was formed in 1966 when Bay Shore Council (Lynn, Massachusetts) merged with the North Shore Council.

Prior to this merger, Swampscott troops belong to the Bay Shore Council which dates back to at least 1939.

Troops Swampscott currently only has one Boy Scout troop, Troop 53 chartered to St John the Evangelist Church, but there have been others. They include Troop 54 that met at Holy Name Church, Troop 58 at Machon  Elementary School and Troop 59 at Stanley Elementary School.  Troops 54 and 59 ended up folding and Troop 58 merged into Troop 53 around 1988.

Troop 53 Scoutmasters

Chuck Page                2012-present
Paul Rizk                   2009-2012
Marc Barden              2001-2009
Tom Philbrook           1997-2001
Greg Miller                 1994-1997
Ron Trapasso             1992-1994
Bill Hallion
Rowe Austin
Jerry Luke
Jack Barrett
Jim O'Connor

Packs Swampscott currently has one cub scout pack, Pack 55 chartered to First Church, but there have been others.

Pack 55 Cubmasters


Terry Lorber                 2018-present
Mark Shilo                   2014-2018
Jeff Katz                      2013-2014
Jessie Davis                  2012-2013
Joe Maldonado             2011-2012
Jessie Davis                  2007-2011

John McEnaney            2006-2007

Melanie Ransom           2005-2006

Mike Magee                 2001-2005

Marc Barden                ????-2001

Dave Dibble                

Arthur Segaloff
Alan Kline               

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